Here we go again!


From my experience, the most effective way to keep in shape is by running. I tend to hate it. It feels completely unnatural to me and my balance (especially on a treadmill) isn’t the best. Figure in my big boobs and flat feet and it can also be quite uncomfortable. I’ve dealt with blisters and shin splints and bum knees and a variety of other minor pains thanks specifically to running. So why do I do it? Because it feels awesome when I’m done. It’s like Hot Yoga—a completely miserable experience but the endorphins skyrocket for hours after. So here I go…

For years I’ve talked about races I’d like to run but have never just done it. I’ve been worried about the training or terrified that I would come in dead last, etc. Any excuse you can imagine, I’ve probably come up with, too. So someone’s got to keep me honest, I guess. I’ve enlisted a couple of friends to do a mud run with me at the end of June. That gives me just over two months to train, and while my fitness isn’t 5k level yet, it’s not too far off. And there’s something about a mud run that makes me think time isn’t really much of an issue. I’ll probably be glad to just finish with both shoes on. Plus, it sounds like a blast! Who wouldn’t want to pay $50 to get muddy as hell? Well, there might be a smidgen of sarcasm there but in truth I’m serious. I wish I’d known about these types of runs years ago.



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