The Great Debate


One of my biggest problems has been an inability to successfully adjust when something comes up that “pre-empts” my intended workout. Last-minute tickets to a basketball game? Of course I can skip the gym! Meeting up to plan a bachelorette party? You bet—I didn’t really need to run today. And naturally, instead of going to the gym or running the next day I just write that day off.

But things aren’t supposed to be like that anymore, right? If I’m serious enough to start a blog and subject readers who have the misfortune to stumble upon it to my ramblings then I need to be serious enough to finally make time for running.

So quickly, however, I was back to my old tricks. I remembered that even though my plan is to run Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays I’m busy Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  Ordinarily I might push it to Wednesday, Friday and Sunday but that obviously wouldn’t work either. I was tempted to shelve the whole thing until next week (as if that ever works) but then realized I’m never going to get anywhere close to running a 5k if I keep pulling stuff like this.

All this was going through my mind while I was at the gym earlier and it finally dawned on me as I was trying desperately to remain upright on the elliptical machine that the answer was fairly simple: I could run in the morning.

Gah! I wake up at 6 a.m. for work as it is. How the hell am I supposed to squeeze a run in? Am I really capable of dragging my ass out of bed and onto a treadmill at five in the morning? In all honesty, I have no interest in finding out.

Instead, I came home from the gym and did my run right then and there. And it felt great, even though this (wonderfully) freakish 80 degree April day was not exactly ideal for an extra-long workout.  It’s just that it’s enough of a battle to get enough sleep as it is—no matter how early I get to bed I can rarely turn my brain off before midnight. But the fact is—no matter how hard I try to fight it—running in the morning is something I need to seriously consider. Life is simply too busy to be able to work out five or six times a week without being willing to make some serious concessions. And because I’m not willing to give up my social life I might have to be willing to give up a little sleep.


Next up: I have until tomorrow to buy a Groupon for a Hot Yoga package—my nose says no but my thighs say yes!


One Response to “The Great Debate”

  1. Oh man. 5 AM is not pretty. I totally understand this thought process at midnight when I’ve set the alarm to be buzzing in five short hours. However when the time comes I quickly spring up out of bed and shut it up! I’ve even thought if I set it every day at five and just one day of the week I actually go to the gym then it is worth doing! My husband may disagree with me on this one however… Love your blog and am finding it inspiring. It also is really nice to know these exercise arguments and “debates” are going on in other peoples heads too!

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