Nothing But Blue Skies


Will there ever be a better day for running than today?

I’m a complete baby about running weather. Being new to running outdoors I’ve never attempted it in the rain but it’s a fact of life here in the Pacific Northwest. So I’m going to have to somehow get over myself, put on a damn jacket and embrace it. Someday, that is, because for whatever reason it’s going to be almost 90 degrees on Thursday, my next scheduled running day. Really? It was 46 degrees when I woke up this morning and it’s going to be 90 in two days?

There’s always the gym but it’s so hard to imagine myself climbing back on a treadmill. As tightly as I clung to those belted torture contraptions I can’t even fathom going back. These weeks of running in the open air have been sheer bliss in comparison. And today! Well, it wasn’t perfect. I’m not naïve enough to think that running downhill wouldn’t catch up to me eventually. My knee ached once or twice during the run and my shins weren’t much happier. But the weather was absolutely magnificent. Seventy degrees and blue skies. What more could you ask for?

If anyone wonders why Oregonians put up with rain nine months out of the year all you need to do is visit in early September. Just not on those 90 degree days, of course.


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