On Being Old


I turned 30 a few days ago. I don’t feel any older; mostly I’ve been wondering if my auto premiums are going to be reduced.

At milestone birthdays like this people often worry about their futures and where they’re going in their lives. Instead, tonight I find myself thinking about where I’ve come from. I know people say you shouldn’t look back but think in this case it’s allowed.

I think about my grandparents, all four of whom are still living. I think about how lucky that makes me. My Grandpa Sweet is 91 and living proof getting older doesn’t make one old. I’m sure he’s got his flaws (Grandma could probably clue me in on most of them) but to me he’s always been warm, vibrant and full of life, laughs and love. He’s been fading these past few years but the sparkle is still there. I think about my own parents; my father started his company in his 40s and my mom didn’t find her career until her late 30s.

Then I think about myself and what I’ve accomplished in six months. I finally stopped complaining about the job I hated and found a better one. I found a place to live I absolutely love. And perhaps most significantly I finally bested a running plan that had taunted me for ten years.

Tonight, as I pounded along a now familiar path, under a clear sky and between the sinking sun and soaring moon I realized being 30 is pretty damn amazing.


One Response to “On Being Old”

  1. YOU are awesome! What a beautiful post and outlook on the roots you’ve stemmed from and who you are today. Love you and happy birthday!!!

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