Back to My Roots (The Treadmill Runner’s Lament)


Today I learned—much like dialing 911—running on a treadmill is to be done in emergencies only. Ironic it may be but laziness found me at the gym tonight. It was dark out and I have been putting off my purchase of reflective gear for weeks. However it happened in a way I’m glad it did. If waiting for an open machine wasn’t frustrating enough once I finally got on one all I could do was stare out the window and wish for the road. It was a reminder of no matter how much I still hate running at times I absolutely love dashing around outside.

I know I’ve covered this before but I can’t get over how much of my running life has been spent on a treadmill. Hours and hours of staring at an electronic display, counting down the seconds, going nowhere. Of course I do owe the treadmill some gratitude as it got me to the point in my running where I am now. But after that first outdoor run this summer I’ve never wanted to go back.


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